Guided and self-guided vacations in
France, Italy, Spain, & Switzerland
Questions about Cyclomundo?
You'll find below answers to most questions you may have about us. If you have more questions about us, do contact us via e-mail, Skype, or phone.

For questions about specific tours, feel free to contact us that way or use one of our forms: there's one for every region.
Do you organize all these tours?
We design most of the tours, in cooperation with local experts. We rely on a network of local suppliers who live and work in the areas we visit: hoteliers, bicycle rental shops, tour guides...With our combined expertise, we put together the best tours at very reasonable prices. These companies have all been selected based on their proven records and our shared passion for "authentic" travel.
What is included in a fully supported tour?
Fully-supported tours usually include daily accommodation with breakfast, some or all lunches and dinners (as stated in the specific tour description), English-speaking guide, luggage transfers, and support vehicle. Please refer to the specific tour for details and an in-depth description.
What is included in a self-guided tour?
Self-guided tours usually include daily accommodation with breakfast, some or all lunches and dinners (as stated in the tour description), luggage transfers, maps, and itinerary. Please refer to the specific tour for details and an in-depth description.
How does the “Biking la Carte”/Custom tour service work?

This service is so much in demand that we now require a minimum of 6 people before taking up a fully customized project. When the season is in full swing and our resources are in short supply, we have to turn down requests (we really recommend that you contact us early). As long as all the criteria is met we will create a unique tour for your group. All your requirements (hotels, mileage, interests, side activities, etc…) you list will be taken into account and we will provide recommendations to deliver your “ideal” once-in-a-lifetime trip.

What type of accommodations do you offer?

We use a wide variety of accommodations ranging from 4-star hotels on deluxe tours, to "bivouac" on some mountain-bike tours, and everything in between. We avoid big chain hotels and actively seek out the quainter, more charming and “personal” properties. Also, by keeping our groups small we can offera larger range of properties. Please refer to the specific tour description for accommodation details.

What type of restaurants do you offer?
As often as possible, we try to put together a combination of restaurants that will allow you to sample the local cuisine and regional specialties. We love food and we love to share this passion! If you have special dietary requests or requirements, please let us know and we'll accommodate them.
None of your tours fits our schedule and abilities. Can you design a tour for us?

Yes! Self-designing tours is the core activity of our business. If this interests you, please have the leader of the group complete the online form. We'll give you a quote based on your requests within 48 hours. Allow us 6 weeks to design a complete tour and we'll provide you with a custom itinerary. We can also take care of the rest: hotel bookings, bicycle rentals, support van, guides, etc...However, you may choose to use only the itinerary and do a self-supported trip. It's your choice. 

Do you organize other trips besides biking tours?

Bicycling is our specialty. We create and organize biking tours for all levels and all types of riders. However, we are happy to include optional activities such as canoeing, hiking, hot air ballooning, golfing, and various other activities which will supplement the biking experience.

I'd love to go on a tour, but my partner does not bike. Can you organize a tour for us? How about my kids?
Yes, we can suggest a custom tour using a "base" as a hub, including biking for you and activities for your partner: language or cooking classes, guided tours, golfing, etc. Just fill out our "Biking a la Carte" form. We can also organize activities for the whole family or find a nanny for your kids. We are local and we know a lot of people in the area!
I am a serious rider, can you organize something challenging?
Yes indeed! We can even direct you to some exhilarating roads or help you enter into mountain-bike races.
Where are you based?
We are in Gaillard in France, steps from Geneva. This is the information that we are legally required to produce:

  • SIREN#: 448734590
  • Travel Agency licence#: LI.074.03.0008
  • Insured by MMA Assurances
  • Financial Guarantee provided by APS