Catalonia offers it all: Flat terrain, mountains, coastline, beautiful cities, great weather, amazing wines, and out-of-this world gastronomy.
No wonder why it has inspired some many artists: Dali spent his life there, and from a culinary point of view, it has inspired many chefs to surpass themselves… It may be the most starred area in the world! Cycling-wise, may pro cyclists have elected to make this area their home (Lance Armstrong was the first).

We love Catalonia and will show this area like no one else whether you are an avid cyclist who’d like to climb some Pyrenean climbs or a leisure riders more interested in wine and gastronomy than cycling! Tours of Catalonia

Getting to Girona, Spain

Posted on: April 23rd, 2016 by Santana
Girona 5

View Larger Map   Part of the charm and uniqueness of our cycling tours is that they take you away from many of the typical tourist cities and sights. You get to experience all the beauty of your destination but with a more authentic ambiance. However, the challenge with some of the smaller quaint destinations is Read more…»

Winter Bicycling Destinations

Posted on: April 17th, 2016 by Michelle Holden
Bike & Beach Lucile & Rafael 2012  (74)

For many, winter can bring on a case of the blues. Not only do we have to contend with colder temperatures and rain or snow (or both!), but we must also find new ways to maintain an active lifestyle. It is for this reason that those with a traveling soul often head south during the Read more…»

Most Romantic Destinations

Posted on: February 5th, 2016 by Santana

After studying up on the traditions of Valentine’s Day from around the world, I have come to the conclusion that there are certain prevailing themes everywhere. Though the types, meanings, and methods may differ, flowers, sweets, and cards appear in almost all the countries that recognize the holiday.  There is some variance in how gifts Read more…»