See the Mont-Saint-Michel from a different angle

Posted on: April 12th, 2016 by Bruno

Cycling or driving from Mont-Saint-Michel is now a thing of the past

Cycling or driving from Mont-Saint-Michel is now a thing of the past

You’ll revel in the dramatic changes that have given Mont-Saint-Michel its original island flavor. With the dyke removed, a dam built, and a new elevated access way opened in 2014, visitors can now see Mont-Saint-Michel in a whole new light!

One enormous advantage of parking by the new dam is that it offers amazing views of Mont-Saint-Michel from approximately 900 meters away. The distance is postcard and photo-perfect. Be sure to spend some time looking for the best “photo op” while you’re there.


The car park fee is 11.70 euros per car per day.  Larger vehicles are charged more (campers are charged 17.20 euros).  You can park your bikes for free.

From the parking area, there are three ways to get to Mont-Saint-Michel:

  • On foot:  The average walker will arrive at Mont-Saint-Michel about 30 minutes after leaving the parking area.  On your way, you’ll have the chance to learn more about Mont-Saint-Michel; information boards dot the pathway
  • Shuttle:  Shuttles can accommodate up to 95 people and are free to ride.  They run non-stop from 7:30am-1am.  The shuttle journey takes about five or six minutes.  Please Note: Bikes aren’t allowed on the shuttles.
  • Horse-drawn carriage (called a “Maringote”) These accommodate up to 24 people.  Roundtrip cost per person is 5.30 euros, with the one-way trip taking 25 minutes.  Make sure to ask at the Tourist Information Centre when you arrive to find out about trip times.

Note: a shuttle operates from the Pontorson train station.  The cost: 2.80 euros one-way per person

You can find more information here:

What does all this mean for Cyclomundo clients? Three of our Normandy cycling trips let you explore Mont-Saint-Michel:

Choose how you get here, but get here! You won’t be sorry.

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