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Posted on: April 17th, 2016 by Michelle Holden

Les Pouilles 2014 (205)Located in southern Italy (also known as the heel of the boot), Apulia (Puglia in Italian) is a great destination for cyclists. Cycling in Apulia offers virtually traffic-free country roads over mostly flat terrain, some of which follow the coastline while others cover the lush inland plateaus. Apulia is considered one of the few remaining regions in Italy not affected by mass tourism.

In this post, we’ll tell you about three of the region’s main entry and exit cities, while providing tips on airports, train stations and local transit.






As the capital of Apulia, the seaside town of Bari is the perfect place to mix town and country. Our tour, A Short Escape in Apulia, starts in Bari where you can find the famous Basilica di San Nicola, the Bari Cathedral, caves, olive groves or just spend time cycling the local streets.

Arrival by AirIMGP1096

Bari International Airport (“Karol Wojtyla”) is accessible by both international and several low-budget airlines, such as British Airways, EasyJet and Ryanair. The airport in Bari is also connected with several Apulian cities by bus (Pugliairbus). From the airport there are buses to the centre of Bari using AMTAB, the local transit company. Bari also has a central commuter rail system with two lines (FM1 and FM2). FM2 connects the airport to the central station. A taxi from the airport to the first hotel on our tour, A Short Escape in Apulia, costs approximately €25.

Arrival by Train

Bari Centrale is located in piazza Aldo Moro. The station is serviced by Trenitalia and is well connected to the surrounding towns and larger Italian cities in Apulia. For longer distance travel it is serviced by Eurostar. As there are around 300 arrivals and departures each day, be sure to check the timetables in advance to verify your travel plans. Trains from Naples to Bari cost approximately €25-40 and from Rome to Bari €30-50; booking ahead is the best way to guarantee a good price.

Arrival by Car

If you are traveling to Bari by car you can access it using the A1 (from Rome), the E842 (from Naples) or the SS96 (from Matera).



Like Bari, Brindisi, a city on the coast with a central airport, is in recent years being seen as one of the main gateways to Apulia. Our tour, A Short Escape in Apulia, ends in Brindisi, another beautiful place to spend a few days relaxing during a visit to Apulia.

DSC_0929Arrival by Air

Salento Airport in Brindisi is serviced by several low budget airlines such as EasyJet and Ryanair. A taxi from the airport to the centre of town costs approximately €10-15.

Arrival by Train

Brindisi’s train station is also serviced by Trenitalia. Trains between Bari and Brindisi run often and cost approximately €10. The trip takes approximately one hour. Trenitalia connects Brindisi to other larger cities like Naples and Rome. It is advisable to book your travel ahead as last minute trains tickets can be more expensive.

Arrival by Car

Brindisi is accessible by car using the SS16, SS379 or SS7.



Matera is most well known as the home of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ancient cave dwellings of Sassi di Matera. Our Jewels of Southern Italy tour gives you the perfect excuse to visit Matera and then spend a week cycling through the beautiful region of Apulia.

Arrival by AirLes Pouilles 2014 (2)

The closest airport to Matera is in Bari. If you fly into Bari you can then take the Pugliairbus which takes an hour and a half and costs approximately €6.

Arrival by Train

If you arrive in Bari by plane or train, you can reach the train station, Matera Centrale, by transferring to a regional train at Bari Centrale. Tickets from Bari cost approximately €5 but you should note that trains from Bari do not always run on Sunday. The first hotel on our tour, Jewels of Southern Italy, is walking distance from Matera Centrale.

Arrival by Bus

You can take the bus from Bari to Matera using the FAL bus company. It is generally less expensive than the train.

Arrival by Car

Matera is about an hour by car from Bari (SS96) and three hours from Naples (A16). As Matera is a heritage site, parking may be sparse which makes traveling by bike a great alternative!

For more information on what you can see while cycling in Apulia, check out Cyclomundo’s self-guided cycling tours.


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