Storing your bike box while traveling

Posted on: April 18th, 2016 by Lucile

Now that you’ve arrived at your destination, what do you do with your bike?
A lot of train stations no longer offer storage.  To know if your travel destination train station does, check  To be absolutely sure (because things change), please check the contact numbers listed on each of your  train station’s sites.  Some stations are connected to “velo stations” which serve as rental locations and bike parking spaces.  For logistical reasons, we’ve used the velo station in Grenoble a number of times to store bikes and bike cases ( . We’ve also used the velo station in Chambéry (

Depending on the hotel you book, you may be able to leave your bike box in the reception area. Most (but not all) 3-star hotels offer this amenity.  1- and 2-star hotels (Formula 1, Etap, B&B) are reluctant for security/liability reasons.  So be sure to your hotels’ official policy on this point.

We can’t speak for other tour operators but, in our case, we will store bike boxes while our guests are on tour.  We also know some bike shop managers who offer the service free of charge when you buy an “assembly” service from them (when they assemble and disassemble your bike for you upon your return) and they have space!

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