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Andalucia: Cycling and Flamenco!
Taking into consideration that Andalucía is the birthplace of bullfighting and flamenco, you might be wondering what the required biking gear looks like and perhaps questioning how one might ride a bike waving a red flag and yelling "TORO!" at every intersection!

Not to worry — things are not quite so regimented in this autonomous and most populous community of the Kingdom of Spain.

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Andalucia: Cycling and Flamenco!

Cycling through Andalucia
Biking in Andalucia will take you through spectacular scenery and white villages
Andalucia is an enticing region of Spain for a variety of reasons: captivating history, enchanting villages and cities, an excellent climate, and varied landscapes. Most importantly for cyclists, Andaluća has a varied cycling terrain, somewhat challenging, on excellent quality roads, with very little traffic.

Occupied throughout history by the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals and Visigoths, and Muslims, until 1492, when the area was conquered by the Catholic Monarchs, the area has a lot to offer and an eclectic mix of remarkable places to discover and enjoy. The current name, "Andaluća", springs come from "Al-Andalus" which was the Muslim name in the Middle Ages.

Our tours highlight beautiful villages and enticing terrain. Granada is the Moorish Jewel and home to the Alhambra, or "Red Fortress". One of the most famous tourist attractions in the country, the Alhambra is well worth a visit to admire the amazing Islamic architecture, with Moorish and Christian features. Antequera is a historic and captivating medieval town, with Roman baths and impressive Dolmens, that is
overlooked by a very famous limestone crag called La Péa de los Enamorados, or "The Lovers' Leap". Also high on our list is Ronda, a majestic picturesque town surrounded by an impressive mountain range and the actual birthplace of modern bullfighting.

The unique and varied history of Andalucia has provided us with some of the most amazing attractions in the world, and is considered the mother of Spanish folklore, giving rise to myths such as Don Juan and Carmen. Though we cannot guarantee that your cycling conquests will be as numerous as those of Don Juan or that you will be able to dance the flamenco on two wheels, we can guarantee that your cycling holiday in Andalucia will unforgettably capture your heart!
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