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Prehistoric, Gastronomic, Fantastic Perigord!

Cycling, history, and gastronomy bring people to visit this lovely part of France-- straddled between the Lot and Dordogne rivers.

We love this region...our top reason being that we love ducks! And Dordogne is the land of duck: it's Duckland, it's Duckdogne. Duck, goose, and wine are the dietary staples for most people there (who surprisingly enjoy the longest life expectancy of all regions in France!)

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Our bicycle tours in Dordogne will take you to very scenic villages
The riding in Dordogne takes place mainly on easy terrain
Our Dordogne bicycle tours are perfect for individuals, couples and small groups.
Some trips involve some cycling along the peaceful river

Cycling Perigord and Quercy: Prehistoric, Gastronomic, Fantastic!

Perigord offers an ideal mix of cycling, history, and gastronomy.
Quite a few of our bicyle tours will take you to Rocamadour
Some of our long loops take riders to the upper part of the region where the beautiful village of Collonges la Rouge is located
Cycling through Dordogne will take you through farmland
Most of our bike tours take riders to the Chateau de Castelnaud

As one can read in the Rough Guide: "This is the land of duck and goose, of foie gras and truffles, of succulent lamb, smoky-sweet goats' cheeses and a rainbow array of fruits and vegetables to be sampled in simple country inns or in elegant dining rooms dedicated to haute cuisine. The choice of wines is no less intoxicating..."

Of course, there is more: medieval castles, natural areas of striking beauty, and caves adorned with 25,000 year old paintings and "fresh" footprints seemingly left yesterday by kids that date back to the time when mammoth was the meat of choice.

In this unique region, we offer a wide variety of bike trips for riders of all levels. In the "subregions" of Dordogne--namely Perigord (the region of Sarlat) and Quercy (Rocamadour)--we offer leisurely tours that focus specifically on one of them while our more difficult tours cover both areas and beyond.

Treasures of Black Perigord focuses on the “Perigord” area of Dordogne known for its cuisine (duck-based dishes, truffles, etc…), and its many medieval (Sarlat, Domme, etc…) and prehistoric sites (Les Eyzies).

Upper Quercy's Gems focuses on the Quercy part. It takes riders off-the-beaten path to a very scenic and authentic part of Dordogne. The views and the sites are magnificent. Sites include medieval Rocamadour and the impressive abyss of Padirac.

To view both Quercy and Perigord and experience a comprehensive tour of this fascinating region, our leisurely Dordogne's Jewels and Treasures or our more difficult Perigord and Quercy for Avid Riders are highly recommended. Both allow riders to fully experience this unique region's heritage and most famous sites, such as Les Eyzies, Sarlat, Souillac, Castelnaud, etc...

Along the Dordogne and Lot Rivers is a point-to-point trip that takes riders from the medieval town of Sarlat by the Dordogne river to Cahors on the Lot River following a very scenic route. In between, they experience some of the region's most extraordinary sites: Rocamadour, Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, the prehistoric cave of Pech-Merle, etc…

If time is of the essence, our Short Escape along the Dordogne river is ideal to sample this region... until you come back for more!

For groups (6 and more), we organize many custom bicycle tours in this area. These can be guided or self-guided, challenging or very leisurely...

To learn more about ways to access Dordogne, we invite you to read our blog

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