Our Staff

The Leaders and Riders of Cyclomundo!


Delphine Meet Delphine! Like many of her co-workers she started at Cyclomundo as intern back in April 2012 and has not wanted to leave since. When she graduated in November with a Master’s degree in Tourism Management and Development she joined the team as a full time member organizing trips. With a background in the logistical side of tour organization and development, she has helped Cyclomundo improve the efficiency with which we operate our tours. If you have toured with us in the last year chances are she has arranged some, if not all, of your reservations. As an avid skier during the winter and cyclist during the summer, she understands the joy of setting your own leisurely pace and the thrill of pushing your limits. Even though a native to the Alps region of France, she is continually amazed at the beauty of the landscapes and loves to discover new areas to explore in the surrounding regions. With the variety in the tasks she handles and her connection to activities she is passionate about, Delphine continues to be interested and engaged at Cyclomundo.


Bruno To Bruno Toutain, cycling is so much more than a sport – it’s his lifeblood. His philosophy states that not only is cycling is central to an environmentally friendly universe, it also bring people together by opening up new possibilities to have fun, enjoy life, and explore the world. Born and raised in Normandy, Bruno relocated to the Rhone-Alpes after years spent living abroad in the United States. Although hereturned to France, Bruno continued to travel the world by bicycle. In doing so, he learned that cycling allows for greater interaction with locals, a more intimate encounter with nature, and countless discoveries made impossible by other forms of transportation.Armed with that knowledge, and drawing on his extensive cycling experience and his passions for travel and meeting new people, Bruno took on a new mission in life: to indoctrinate others into his philosophy through a cyclotourism business. Thus Cyclomundo was born, and Bruno’s philosophy has since been adopted by countless green-minded adventure-lovers around the globe.


lucile_diot Lucile grew up in a typical chalet-style home in the French Alps, not too far from Cyclomundo’s home base. Born into an active family, Lucile spent every summer of her youth traveling in a camper van, bicycles in tow. Some of her favorite memories from growing up include hiking and sightseeing in Brittany, canyoning (canyoneering in the USA) in La Sierra de Guara in Spain, co-piloting her family’s off-road adventure in Morocco, and hiking in Corsica and Greece. Her nature-loving, forest ranger father instilled in Lucile a passion for cycling, along with knowledge of great places to ride in the French Alps.Lucile’s love of eco-friendly adventure travel guided her career path; following an undergraduate degree in languages, she went on to receive her Master’s degree in Tourism Management from the University of Savoie in Chambery. During her graduate studies, Lucile had great opportunities to study abroad in San Sebastian, Spain, and Bournemouth, England.In May 2008, Lucile started an internship as a tour operator specializing in cycling vacations – her dream position! She loved it so much that even a transatlantic move could not tear her away; Cyclomundo is very lucky to have Lucile as a tour operator working remotely from Brazil. Lucile relocated to Juiz de Fora, a city located two hours away from Rio de Janeiro, in late 2009. Now Lucile is fluent in French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese, so she is working with a wide range of clients around the globe, including new Brazilian clients. She has a plethora of knowledge on both Cyclomundo’s existing tours and new tours that may soon be added to our catalogue!