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We offer more than 80 guided, self-guided, and supported bicycle tours throughout France, in Spain, in Italy, and in Switzerland.

For groups of 6 and more, tours can be customized--based on riders' fitness level, interests, or preferred type of hotels. To view how our custom service works, check out this video.

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cycling tours in France, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland   We offer cycling vacations and bicycle tours in various areas of France, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland
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Veloscenic Normandy:  The best of the Veloscenie bikeway

  Normandy   2/3   Jun 30 -
Jul 6
  Road   From
1,120 euros
  On this tour linking inconic Paris to the Mont-Saint-Michel, rediscover northern France's nature: the fields of Bocage Normand or the nature parks of Normandie-Maine and la Perche. From small villages like Bagnoles-de-l'Orne or Ducey, explore Normandy and its local culture and cuisine!
Visually Stunning:  Avignon to Nice

  Provence   4   May 26 -
Jun 2
  Road   From
1,290 euros
  On this tour, you will ride through low-lying vineyards, the Alps, and the Mediterranean Sea. To pack all these dazzling sights into one trip, riders need to be real go-getters accustomed to racing bikes. Cyclists can expect to ride 60 to 70 miles a day with a fair amount of climbing (about 1,500 meters per day).
Combo trip: Geneva to Alpe d'Huez + Marmotte   French Alps   5   Jun 30 -
Jul 8
  Road   From
1,800 euros
  Guided tour from Geneva to Alpe d'Huez climbing some of France's most famous climbs: Colombiere, Madeleine, Telegraphe, Galibier, and of course Alpe d'Huez! After two days of well-deserved rest, you tackle France's most challenging Gran Fondo, the infamous Marmotte!
Mont Ventoux to Alpe d’Huez   Provence   4/5   Jun 30,
Jul 19
  Road   From
830 euros
  Forget watching the Tour de France on television, come and experience a part of it for yourself! On this tour you’ll experience firsthand the wonderful leg burn of some of the famous Tour de France climbs on this extraordinary 6-day cycling tour from Mont Ventoux to Alpe d’Huez.
Combo trip: Ventoux to Alpe d'Huez + Marmotte
  French Alps   5   Jun 30 -
Jul 8
  Road   From
1,495 euros
  Guided tour from Mont Ventoux to Alpe d'Huez, during which you'll feel like you're cycling the Tour de France. From Alpe d'Huez you'll then take on France's most challenging Gran Fondo, the Marmotte!
Geneva to Alpe d'Huez   French Alps   5   Jul 1st, Jul 18th   Road   From
845 euros
  Beginning July 14, you have the chance to experience some of our favorite climbs including Colombiere, Aravis, Saisies, Madeleine, Telegraphe, Galibier, and Alpe d'Huez. As our office is right outside of Geneva, this self-guided tour is in our playground!
Etape du Tour 3-night package

  French Alps   5   Jul 19 - 22   Road   From 670 euros
  We have a 3-night package available for the 2019 Etape du Tour. Please see the page for more specific information!
Geneva to Alpe d'Huez
  French Alps   5   Jun 1st, Jul 18th   Road   From
845 euros
  Organized on a self-guided basis on August 26th, our Geneva to Alpe d'Huez will take riders on our usual route over Colombiere, Aravis, Saisies, Madeleine, Telegraphe, Galibier, and Alpe d'Huez. Chances are that some of (Cyclomundo staff) will be riding along... for the fun of it.
In Velo Veritas: Bordeaux vineyards for avid riders   Bordeaux   3   6n/7d   Road   From
1,175 euros
  The Bordelais region is world-famous for its fine wines, and this tour will allow you to become familiar with all the reds, whites, and rosés you could wish for. Cycle at your own pace through vineyard after vineyard, visit château after château, and taste wine to your heart’s content.
Cycling Normandy and Brittany: From Bayeux to Saint-Malo   Normandy   3/4   6n/7d   Road   From
1,070 euros
  This comprehensive tour of Normandy and Brittany will take you along a stunning route from Bayeux to Saint-Malo, during which you'll cycle past and visit World War II sites and the magnificent Mont-Saint-Michel.
Bike to the Sea and See Cassis   Provence   3/4   7n/8d   Road   From
995 euros
  Cassis, a small and colorful jewel of the Mediterranean, hasn’t surrendered to time or progress or the pressure of hectic modern lives.
Biking the Vineyards of Cotes-du-Rhone   Provence   2/3   7n/8d   Road   From
995 euros
  A self-guided tour for wine-drinking cyclists that can be done April through October.
The Luberon Regional Park
  Provence   3   7n/8d   Road   From
1,155 euros
  For those who want to see for themselves if a "Year in Provence" isn't a work of fiction.
Authentic Provence
  Provence   2/3   7n/8d   Road   From
1,160 euros
  A wonderful combination (cycling + gastronomy) in the upper scenic part of Provence (Drôme Provençale).
Luberon, Alpilles, and Côtes du Rhône   Provence   3   7n/8d   Road   From
960 euros
  An introduction tour of Provence that will take you to the area's most famous sites: Gordes, Saint Remy, Les Baux de Provence, etc.
Provence with Youngsters   Provence   1   7n/8d   Road   From
955 euros
  An itinerary specifically designed for families with young children. Daily discoveries will delight both adults and kids.
Biking from Avignon to Camargue   Provence   2/3   7n/8d   Road   From
910 euros
  Discovery tour of a few very distinct geographically areas of Provence. A great tour with longer mileage than our other Provence tours.
Cycling Tour of Provence   Provence   4/5   7n/8d   Road   From
1,100 euros
  This extraordinary trip will take you through Luberon, Alpilles, Camargue, and Cotes-du-Rhone... You'll see it all!
Follow the Dordogne to Bordeaux   Perigord/Dordogne   3   6n/7d   Road   From
990 euros
  “Souillac to Bordeaux” combines two regions for one unforgettable trip. Start in the Dordogne, a hub of European prehistoric activity and home to some of the most enchanting scenes in France. Follow rivers — the ancient travel route of choice — to castles, walled towns, and innumerable historic gems. 
Treasures of Black Perigord   Perigord/Dordogne   3   7n/8d   Road   From
760 euros
  From Souillac, the gateway to "Perigord Noir", you'll bike through the heart of this region which is rich in medieval and prehistoric sites. Of course, this region's gastronomic heritage will not be forgotten.
Upper Quercy's Gems   Perigord/Dordogne   2   7n/8d   Road   From
790 euros
  Although lesser known than its northern neighbor, the Quercy boasts some of France's most notorious monuments, villages, caves, and castles.
Biking Along the Dordogne and the Lot Rivers   Perigord/Dordogne   2/3   7n/8d   Road   From
995 euros
  This 7-day itinerary will take you from the medieval town of Sarlat in the heart of the Perigord to Cahors sitting by the Lot River.
Perigord and Quercy for Avid Riders   Perigord/Dordogne   4   7n/8d   Road   From
975 euros
  If you're looking for quality miles on quiet and scenic roads, memorable gastronomic dinners, mesmerizing sites, etc...look no further! This trip will please your body and soul.
Dordogne's Jewels and Treasures   Perigord/Dordogne   3   7n/8d   Road   From
870 euros
  During this exciting tour, you’ll discover the quintessential Perigord and Quercy regions and all they have to offer.
Normandy Landmarks: D-Day Sites and Mont-Saint-Michel
  Normandy   2   7n/8d   Road   From
1,010 euros
  A unique trip! One of the very few self-guided tours--if not the only one--that combines the most visited sites of Normandy: The D-Day Landing Sites and Mont-Saint-Michel. A very comprehensive and authentic tour that will take you through farmlands and on costal roads... Our top choice for first-time travelers to Normandy.
Normandy Discovery for Avid Riders: Rouen to Bayeux via Honfleur   Normandy   3/4   7n/8d   Road   From
1,030 euros
  Beginning in Bayeux and ending in Rouen, this challenging 8-day bicycle tour visits some of the planet’s most significant sites. You’ll bicycle through the towns and countryside that gave rise to impressionist painting and inspired the brushstrokes of Monet and Boudin. You’ll also wheel along Normandy’s coast and visit some of D-Day’s most prominent battle sites.
Authentic Brittany: Emerald Coast and Celtic Green Pastures   Brittany   2   7n/8d   Road   From
990 euros
  Brittany now attracts bicyclists for its bounty of attractions. Beginning and ending in lively Saint-Malo, this popular eight-day bicycle tour allows you to experience the best that Brittany has to offer.
Green Ways and Red Wines   Burgundy   2   7n/8d   Road   From
985 euros
  Cycling on the bike-friendly "voie verte," discover the treasures of Burgundy: its most extraordinary sites and wines...
Cycling through Wine Labels
  Burgundy   2/3   7n/8d   Road   From 920 euros
  Ride through a patchwork of lush pastures and broad-leaved woodlands, interspersed with extensive vineyards in France's foremost wine region...
Cycling from Dijon to Macon   Burgundy   2/3   7n/8d   Road   From 1,120 euros
  An extraordinary point to point that takes riders from the capital of Burgundy Macon, in the heart of the Beaujolais wine-making region. On most days, two options are provided: an easy short one (around 40 km or 25 miles) and a longer more challenging one (around 70 km or 45 miles)
From Blois to Angers: Fairytale Castles along the Loire River   Loire Valley   2   7n/8d   Road   From
965 euros
  Loire Valley, an area so rich in historic and architectural heritage that the whole region has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Classic Alsace: The Wine Route   Alsace   2   7n/8d   Road   From
885 euros
  With more than 4,000 kilometers of greenways, bikeways, bicycle paths, and lanes, Alsace is France's bike-friendliest region...
Tour of Alsace: Vosges mountains and Alsatian wine villages   Alsace   3/4   7n/8d   Road   From
1,150 euros
  This is a special part of France just waiting to be explored, and by travelling by bicycle, you will have the best views of the most beautiful Christmas card scenes.
Biking the Vineyards & Mountains of Alsace   Alsace   5   5n/6d   Road   From
695 euros
  Challenge and reward yourself by discovering the mountains and wines of Alsace on a road bike.
Via Rhona: From Geneva to Lyon — 5 nights/6 days   French Alps   2/3   5n/6d   Road   From
845 euros
  The Via Rhona is part of a bikeway project that will link Geneva to the Mediterranean Sea following the Rhone river. This 6-day tour will take you through the extraordinary first section, through very diverse areas (mountains, lakes, and farmland) that all have their unique heritage.
Ride the Via Rhona to Lyon (bike rental)   French Alps   2/3   6d max.   Road   From
285 euros
  The Via Rhona is part of a bikeway project that will link Geneva to the Mediterranean Sea following the Rhone river. This tour will take you through the extraordinary first section, through very diverse areas (mountains, lakes, and farmland) that all have their unique heritage.
Cycling Côtes-d’Armor and the Pink Granite Coast   Brittany   2   6n/7d   Road   From
765 euros
  This popular bicycle tour explores the beautiful region of Brittany. Located in France’s northwest corner, this often overlooked area with its rural inland roads and craggy, wave-smashed coast, is ideally suited for bike touring.
Cycling with Bacchus   Bordeaux   2/3   6n/7d   Road   From
1,035 euros
  Our most comprehensive tour of the Bordeaux wine region will take you through the Medoc and all its famous vineyards before crossing the Gironde river and cycling to Saint-Emilion where you'll spend two nights.
Bordeaux to Toulouse along the Canal   Bordeaux   1/2   6n/7d   Road   From
1,010 euros
  Following the Canal de Garonne, this itinerary links two of the most spectacular cities in France: Bordeaux and Toulouse. In between, you will ride through quiet villages and "pays" with their own culinary heritage and traditions...
Canal du Midi: From Montpellier to Carcassonne   Languedoc   2   6n/7d   Road   From
985 euros
  An easy trip along the Canal du Midi from Montpellier to Carcassonne via the amazing sites and cities of Sete, Beziers, Narbonne, etc...
Rural and Coastal Basque Country   Pyrenees   2/3   6n/7d   Road   From
930 euros
  This seven-day bicycle tour allows you to explore the scenic magic of the Basque Region. This region is so special it is shared by both France and Spain. Blessed with an abundance of geography, this is one of those rare bicycle tours that allow you to enjoy coastal beaches and sky-touching mountains.
Geneva to Annecy: Famous Climbs and Lesser-known Passes   French Alps   4   5n/6d   Road   From
645 euros
  This tour takes riders on some of the climbs--such as the "Grand Colombier"--made famous by recent major races (the Tour de France among them). Every day, riders overnight in some of the most scenic parts of the Alps: Seyssel, Aix-les-Bains, etc... all the way to the beautiful town of Annecy. A much easier route is also possible. Check out our 3-Lake tour for more information.
Three-Lake Tour: Geneva, Bourget & Annecy   French Alps   2/3   5n/6d   Road   From
645 euros
  Would you imagine that one can do an easy tour in the Alps? This tour is it! It takes riders on traffic-free roads and bikeways from lake to lake following the valleys.... the scenery is gorgeous and who could have imagined that food and wine are so extraordinary in this part of France?
Along the West Coast: Bastia to Ajaccio   Corsica   3/4   7n/8d   Road   From
990 euros

Navigate and pedal your way past picturesque beaches, steep mountains, sheer cliffs and powerful historical sites on this route along Corsica's west coast. This tour has everything you could want, and you get to experience all of it first-hand from the seat of your bike.

Upper Provence, Ventoux, and Luberon   Provence   3/4   5n/6d   Road   From
995 euros
  A challenging trip that will take you up Ventoux (optional) and let you explore the beautiful Upper part of Provence and Luberon... an extraordinary trip!
The Arles Countryside   Provence   2/3   5n/6d   Road   From
680 euros
  A short and relaxing bicycle tour that will take you to Arles, the gateway to Camargue.
Bacchus in Provence   Provence   2/3   5n/6d   Road   From
750 euros
  A self-guided tour through the villages and vineyards of the Cotes du Rhone wine region.
Cycling Through Lavender   Provence   3   June 29th, July 13th, July 27th   Road   From
825 euros
  Cycling through vast lavender fields while embracing wonderful colors and perfumes, this tour is a celebration of Lavender in all its forms, whether cultivated by locals or growing wild in the fields.
Cycling the D-Day sites from Juno to Utah
  Normandy   2   5n/6d   Road   From
725 euros
  This tour starts from Bayeux and covers all the major sites of the D-day landing from Courseulles (Juno Beach) to Sainte-Marie Eglise (Utah). Two options are available in terms of tour length.
Magnificent Mont Saint Michel and Its Bay   Normandy   2/3   5n/6d   Road   From
745 euros
  This tour takes you from Saint-Malo to the exceptional site of Mont-Saint-Michel and its beautiful bay. In between you will experience the lovely and picturesque countryside of Brittany and Normandy.
Beaujolais Cycling
  Burgundy   3/4   5n/6d   Road   From
875 euros
  An extraordonary 6-day ride, a short and quick high-speed TGV ride from Paris. Extraordinary cycling through the Beaujolais vineyards and through lesser known areas of this very scenic region.
A Short Escape in Beaujolais
  Burgundy   3/4   3n/4d   Road   From
630 euros
  Come and experience all that the Beaujolais region has to offer! (And no, it’s not just wine!) Burgundy's close proximity to Paris makes it the perfect choice for travelers on a tight schedule; the scenery is gorgeous, the terrain can be challenging, and you’re well rewarded with magnificent views, great food, and world renowned wines!
Cycling in the Valley of Kings: Orleans to Tours   Loire Valley   2   7n/8d   Road   From
935 euros
  Cycle past and explore many of the chateaux in the valley, including Leonardo DaVinci's last residence!
Chateaux and Castles: Chenonceau, Azay-le-Rideau & Villandry   Loire Valley   2   7n/8d   Road   From
995 euros
  Bike along quiet and gorgeous country roads, visiting Villandry and its spectacular gardens, the magnificent floating castle of Azay-le-Rideau, the “castle of love” Chenonceau, and more!
A Royal Short Escape in the Loire Valley   Loire Valley   2   4n/5d   Road   From
595 euros
  If you love cycling, castles, and country scenery, and you have a long weekend to spare, our escape in the riverfront Loire Valley is a dream come true!
Alsace Intense: The Best and the Excellent   Alsace   1/2   5n/6d   Road   From
890 euros
  Alsace's exceptional bike path network makes Alsace one of the best cycling destinations in France. You can cycle uninterrupted from Strasbourg to Colmar through fairy-tale villages and gorgeous vineyards.....
Tour de France Mythic Climbs   French Alps   5   4n/5d   Road   From
995 euros
  A quick vacations that takes riders on the Marmotte route over two days... a great way to explore the Alps most famous climbs: Croix-de-Fer, Telegaphe, Galibier, and Alpe d'Huez.
Upper French Alps   French Alps   4   4n/5d   Road   From
840 euros
  Welcome to you wish to our playgound! This is where we live... and ride! Our tour will take you on some of the most famous climbs of the area: Colombiere, Joux-Plane, Croix-Fry. Although it is a difficult ride, we provide with shorter options which makes this tour quite do-able by riders who cycle regularly... no need to be superhuman!
Rivers, Lakes and Mountains: Geneva to Geneva via Annecy   French Alps   3   2n/3d   Road   From
370 euros
  Are you ready for a quick and yet dazzling jaunt in the French Alps? With sizzling scenery, mesmerizing mountains and beautiful lakes, this tour is sure to delight and give you (and your legs!) a taste of cycling in the French Alps. With rivers, lakes and mountains galore, you’re sure to adore every moment of your cycling adventure!
A Short Escape in Bordeaux   Bordeaux   2/3   4n/5d   Road   From
695 euros
  An ideal trip for those who want to explore the city of Bordeaux and the neigboring wine regions, including Saint-Emilion... Most of the riding is done on bikeways and on very low-traffic country roads... a delight!
Cycling Bordeaux's Medoc   Bordeaux   1/2   4n/5d   Road   From
770 euros
  A riveting tour for all families, novice riders and those who want to explore France's countryside at your own pace!
Cycling Jaunt through Upper Provence and Luberon   Provence   3/4   3n/4d   Road   From
755 euros
  A fun and challenging jaunt through a magnificent landscape... A wonderful get-away-from-it-all type of trip, ideal for a long week-end.
The Alpilles Tour   Provence   2   3n/4d   Road   From
570 euros
  Painted, depicted, and described my many, the beauty of Provence is revealed to those who pedal...
A Short Escape along the Dordogne River   Perigord/Dordogne   1/2   3n/4d   Road   From
450 euros
  This trip's recipe includes gastronomy, cycling, beauty, history, etc.. The result is a memorable weekend that will please everyone.
A Short Escape in Burgundy   Burgundy   1/2   3n/4d   Road   From 510 euros
  Want to travel? A long week-end will do! We have the perfect week-end for you a short train ride from Paris...
Peace and War Memorials: Bayeux to Caen   Normandy   2   3n/4d   Road   From
465 euros
  We’ve put together this special bicycle tour in honor of D-Day’s 70th anniversary. This tour starts in Bayeux where the Commonwealth War Museum is located, a thought-provoking site which will set the tone for the whole trip. It ends in Caen, home to the Memorial de Caen.
A Short Escape from Geneva   Lake Geneva   2   2n/3d   Road   From 370 euros
  Many Geneva-bound business travelers take advantage of this quick tour. Quite magic as it takes riders along Lake Geneva before taking a ferry to the medieval town of Yvoire... The views over the Alps and the Jura mountain range are stupendous!
A Short Escape from Avignon to Arles   Provence   2   2n/3d   Road   From
390 euros

This trip is perfect for travelers who would like to give biking a try without necessarily committing to a week-long bicycle vacation.

A Short Corsican Escape   Corsica   4   3n/4d   Road   From
310 euros

A tantalising taste of northern Corsica, this tour offers you the opportunity to make your way out onto the peninsula known to the locals as "Cape Corse" and experience life like a true Corsican.

Linking Cultures and Lakes: Geneva to Interlaken   Lake Geneva   2/3   6n/7d   Road   From
1,045 euros
  Starting in Geneva and ending in Interlaken, this tour will take you from the French-speaking part of Switzerland all the way to the German-speaking part meanwhile allowing you to experience the essence of Switzerland. Yes, this means plenty of cheese (you will ride through Gruyères, home of the famous Gruyere cheese) and plenty of chocolate.
Geneva to Montreux   Lake Geneva   3   5n/6d   Road   From
895 euros
  Come and experience the magic of Switzerland! From the business hub of Geneva to the musical town of Montreux, your ride will be filled with beautiful views of the lake, cycling à la Swiss, and of course, plenty of delicious Swiss chocolate. Pictures cannot do justice to this beautiful region of Switzerland; one truly has to see it to believe it!
Upper French Alps   Lake Geneva   4   4n/5d   Road   From
840 euros
  Discover our playground! Ride by Lake Geneva through the Alps and the Jura mountains.... One of our most amazing short vacations!
A Short Escape from Geneva   Lake Geneva   2   2n/3d   Road   From 370 euros
  A great escape, a short hop away from most European capital cities
Rivers, Lakes and Mountains: Geneva to Geneva via Annecy   French Alps   3   2n/3d   Road   From
370 euros
  Are you ready for a quick and yet dazzling jaunt in the French Alps? With sizzling scenery, mesmerizing mountains and beautiful lakes, this tour is sure to delight and give you (and your legs!) a taste of cycling in the French Alps. With rivers, lakes and mountains galore, you’re sure to adore every moment of your cycling adventure!
Tuscany’s Jewels and Treasures   Tuscany   3   7n/8d   Road   From
795 euros
  For the leisurely riders, Jewels and Treasures is perhaps the best way to enjoy Tuscany in an independent cycling tour. You will be led into plenty of convenient routs, where you will share the same heaping of fine panoramas, culture and gourmet just like other Tuscan tours...
Jewels of Southern Italy: Matera to Lecce   Apulia   3   7n/8d   Road   From
690 euros
  Cyclists in Apulia enjoy virtually traffic-free country roads over mostly flat terrain, some of which follow the coastline while others cover the lush inland plateaus. Whether you want to stop for a swim, enjoy a coffee in the piazza, or visit every castle, church, and museum is up to you!
Mountain to Sea: From the Dolomites to the Adriatic   Dolomites/Veneto   2/3   7n/8d   Road   From
660 euros
  From Mountain to Sea, this itinerary takes you from the beautiful Dolomites, Mother Nature's amazing creation to Venice, one of the world's craziest man-made architectural aheivements!
Cycling along rivers from Bolzano to Venice   Dolomites/Veneto   2/3   7n/8d   Road   From
670 euros
  From Bolzano in the German-speaking part of Italy, you'll ride along canals and rivers all the way to venice. In between, you'll ride through and by countless remarkable sites.
Giro of Tuscany   Tuscany   4   6n/7d   Road   From
775 euros
  Savor your visit to the Birthplace of Italian Renaissance with our “Giro of Tuscany,” a 7-day independent tour that includes an action-packed biking spree inside the country's most beloved landscapes. Ride along mountain ranges and fertile plains as you jump from city to city; starting off with the artistically inspired city of Florence, to architectural wonders of Pisa...
Dolomites' not so secret uphills! Dobbiaco to Venice   Dolomites/Veneto   4   7n/8d   Road   From
710 euros
  As the first natural monument in Italy protected by UNESCO, these mountains' breathtaking landscapes are as varied as the numerous dialects and cultures still prevalent among them. We invite you to witness it all!
Piedmont and Its Treasures   Piedmont   2/3   7n/8d   Road   From
705 euros
  Piedmont offers an unbeatable combination of world class food and drink, breathtaking scenery and some of Italy's finest art and architecture - and the best way to experience it all is on two wheels.
Chianti Explorer via Florence and Siena   Tuscany   2/3   7n/8d   Road   From
685 euros
  Discover where Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci created their best works of art! You will witness these and more throughout the course of this week-long cycling tour. 
Across Lake Garda to Venice   Dolomites/Veneto   2/3   7n/8d   Road   From
670 euros
  The exceptional sites and sights never stop - so much so that no less than three of them have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Vicenza, Verona, Venice and its Lagoon!
Expresso Tuscany: Florence to Siena for Avid Riders   Tuscany   4   4n/5d   Road   From
630 euros
  A tour for when you want to soak in the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance but are short on time! This 4-night/5-day cycling tour takes you on challenging rides through medieval Italian villages and the world-famous Tuscan wine region.
Treasures of Veneto   Veneto   2   7n/8d   Road   From
535 euros
  This trip takes place on flat terrain in the lowlands of the Veneto region in northern Italy and encompasses some of the country's most remarkable treasures...
Essential Tuscany: Florence to Siena   Tuscany   3   4n/5d   Road   From
610 euros
  if you desire to explore the best places in Tuscany over a limited stretch of time, this 5-day independent cycling tour is for you...
Challenging Piedmont: The Realm of Italian Legends   Piedmont   4   7n/8d   Road   From
685 euros
  Piedmont offers an unbeatable combination of world class food and drink, breathtaking scenery and some of Italy's finest art and architecture - and the best way to experience it all is on two wheels.
The Bilingual Green Way: From Bolzano to Verona   Dolomites/Veneto   2   4n/5d   Road   From
470 euros
  Looking for a trip that combines a sense of achievement, safe biking on easy terrain, extraordinary landscape, diversity in scenery and cuclture, great gastronomy, and more? This short tour delivers it all!
Dolomites' Secret Downhill Climbs   Dolomites/Veneto   2/3   4n/5d   Road   From
460 euros
  Beginning and ending in Bolzano, this five-day tour is unique in several ways. Besides the bilingual element, it's one of the few alpine tours suitable for riders of all abilities
Venetian Jewels: From Vicenza to Venice   Veneto   2   4n/5d   Road   From
440 euros
  From Vicenza, Bassano, Treviso, Mestre, Venice
My Bike for Your Gondola: Ride Along the Venetian Lagoon
  Veneto   2   4n/5d   Road   From
440 euros
  Beginning and ending just outside of Venice in Mestre, this short five-day bike vacation will expose you to all of the aquatic and architectural magic of Venice and its surrounding environs.
A Short Escape in Apulia: From Bari to Brindisi
  Apulia   2/3   3n/4d   Road   From
340 euros
  No region of Italy can pack a lot of “wow!” into four days like Apulia. Enjoy all the beauty and variety of Italy without the tourists for a true escape!
Gastronomic Cycling Parma to Bologna
  Emilia Romagna   2/3   7n/8d   Road   From
880 euros
  Cycle up an appetite as you ride through the gorgeous Emilia-Romagna countryside and typical Italian towns from Parma to Bologna. Gastronomic delights await!
Gastronomic Piedmont Torino to Alba
  Piedmont   2/3   5n/6d   Road   From
570 euros
  A short escape in Italy's Piedmont region will take you through verdant countryside, with vast vineyards and orchards and the enticing aromas of rustic Italian cuisine providing the perfect backdrop to your cycle tour.
Catalonia Green and Blue   Catalonia   4   7n/8d   Road   From
1,355 euros
  This is one of those rare bike tours that combines beaches with mountains, making it easy to understand why Lance Armstrong made this region his home base during his historic Tour de France run.
Catalonia: Pedal and Pamper   Catalonia   3/4   7n/8d   Road   From
1,095 euros
  Catalonia, oh Catalonia! What a fantastically unique region. For much of this tour you will be exploring Catalonia’s Costa Brava, at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea.
Catalonia Bike and Beach   Catalonia   3   6n/7d   Road   From
890 euros
  Throughout the week you will pedal along one of the world's mot beautiful coastline: The Costa Brava (you will never be more than 40 km or 25 miles from the coast) The region is filled with Natural Parks, World Heritage sites, classic yet unique medieval villages, monasteries, castles, and scenery that have inspired some of the world's most talented artists...
Madrid and Segovia   Metropolitan Tour   1/2   6n/7d   Road   From
875 euros
  On this metropolitan tour from Madrid, you will navigate your way through the nicest areas of the Madrid Guadarrama mountain range, which is soon to be named a national park.
Córdoba to Granada: Historic and Sunny Andalucia   Andalucia   3/4   6n/7d   Road   From
890 euros
  ‘Dazzling’ is perhaps the best word to describe the Spanish region of Andalucia. Nature has painted a masterpiece with an intense palette of wildflowers, shadow-dappled mountains, and patchwork fields of olive trees. Over the centuries, a wide array of inhabitants contributed their own works of art: Roman bridges, palace-fortresses (called alcazars), grand mosques, and Baroque churches — to name only a few structures!
Andalucia Jewels: Granada to Ronda   Andalucia   3/4   6n/7d   Road   From
890 euros
  From Granada — admittedly Andalucia’s most Andalucian town — to Ronda, Andalucia’s most famous “white village,” you’ll be mesmerized by famous landmarks and well-kept secrets alike. Perfect for cycling and completely captivating, you’ll find out how inadequate the descriptions of Andalcuia are compared to the real thing!
From Sevilla to Cádiz: Essential Andalucia   Andalucia   3/4   6n/7d   Road   From
1,015 euros
  Setting off from the sunny city of Sevilla, you wind your way to the seaside and C´diz, thought to be the oldest city in western Europe. On the way, you'll encounter some of the area's most remarkable jewels!