Guided and self-guided vacations in
France, Italy, Spain, & Switzerland
2018 Scheduled Vacations
We offer three vacation types: If you are looking to cycle with new friends and would enjoy the company of one of our expert guides, a guided tour with a support vehicle may just be for you! If you're looking for an adventure with more freedom, self-guided it is! And lastly, if you want a worry-free way to participate in an unforgettable Cyclosportive/Gran Fondo event, check out our packages below!
Cycling the Alps Open Tour is your chance to ride with pro riders
Most guided tours are limited to 12 – 15 riders
On guided tours, you get the support of our qualified mechanics
We offer guided tours for leisure and avid riders

Scheduled Vacations: Guided, Self-Guided, and Gran Fondo Events

Most guided vacations are limited to 12 – 15 riders
Picnic or sitdown lunches are included in our guided cycling tours
Love chatting over your bike handle bars? Enjoy meeting new people, trying local cuisines, and adventuring in a group? Cycling is a great social sport and our scheduled tours are the ideal opportunity to make new friends and ride with cyclists from all over the world.

Our scheduled groups vary from around 6 to 12 people per trip and come in various shapes:

Guided tour with support vehicle: Along with a qualified bilingual guide, these trips include feed stations with snacks, water, etc. The support vehicle is equipped with a 12-bicycle rack and will come in handy if there's inclement weather, if some riders in your group want a day off, or if they choose not to ride some of the daily route.

Self-guided: On these tours, we provide mechanic services at the start of the tour, accommodations, daily breakfast, some or all dinners, pre-loaded GPS, cue sheets, and most importantly, luggage transfers. What's more? If the group is larger than 8, we provide a support vehicle that will check on the riders 2 or 3 times each day.

Our Cyclosportive/Gran Fondo packages: Our packages include accommodations, daily breakfast and dinner, and luggage transfers. Additionally you will enjoy services such as transfers, mechanic services, feed stations, a chauffeur-driven support vehicle, and more. Check out each Cyclosportive package for specific details.
2018 Scheduled Tours
Tours with support vehicle:
Tour Name Duration Price per person
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Jul 1 - 6 From 1,395 euros
On request From 1,295 euros
On request On request
On request On request
Self-guided Tours (support vehicle for group of more than 8)
Tour Name Duration Price per person
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May 25 - Jun 1
From 1,290 euros
Jul 14 - 19 From 825 euros
Jul 1 - 6 From 845 euros
Aug 24 - 29 From 825 euros
On request On request
Cyclosportive/Gran Fondo packages:
Tour Name Duration Price per person
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Jul 1 - Jul 9 From 1,585 euros
Jul 1 - Jul 9 From 1,800 euros
Jul 6 - 9 From 715 euros
Cyclomundo specializes in the organization of custom guided tours for private groups, families, and charity organizations